Do Peanuts Grow On Trees?

Question: Do peanuts grow on trees? Answer: Many people question how peanuts are grown. There is a misconception that peanuts grow on trees and are picked when ripened. While it  might be fun to go peanut picking from trees, unfortunately, peanuts do not grow on trees. Peanuts are actually considered a legume and not a nut. …

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carbs in sunflower seeds

Carbs In Sunflower Seeds

Question: Do Sunflower Seeds Have Carbs? Answer: Sunflower seeds contain a lot of nutritional value. Some of the benefits of sunflower seeds are: Vitamin E – A half cup of sunflower seeds can provide you with a substantial amount of  vitamin E to move you toward meeting the recommended daily value (see the table below). …

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is coconut a nut

Is Coconut A Fruit?

Question: Is coconut a fruit? Answer: You have probably noticed that coconuts are located in or near the fruit section of your grocery store. For many years I assumed that coconuts were fruits because they were so intertwined with other fruits at the store. However, when you look at the outside of a coconut it actually …

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What are pine nuts

Are Pine Nuts Tree Nuts?

If you have had a pine tree in your yard, you probably have cursed it for producing  cones that seem to endlessly litter the lawn. These can be a big nuisance, especially if you have to cut your own grass. However, the cones are actually what contain the pine nut that can be harvested if …

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