Sunflower Seeds Flavors List: Vote for your Favorite

Most people are familiar with the common sunflower seeds flavors. We are talking about flavors like original, ranch, and barbeque. These are the ones that most readers likely have tried at least once.

But, if you’re like me, you probably appreciate a bit of diversity when it comes to your seeds.

Below you’ll find a list of flavors of sunflower seeds along with the names of the brands that make them. This information will give you a solid idea of what the major sunflower seed manufacturers are making today.

We hope this information helps you find a new sunflower seed flavor to enjoy! If you already have a favorite flavor, please vote for it in the poll at the end of this article.

Sunflower Seeds Flavors & Who Makes Them

Sunflower Seeds FlavorBrands
BaconBigs, Wild Dutchman
Bacon Mac & CheeseDavid’s
Bacon RanchGiants
BBQBigs, Chinook, David’s, Frito Lay, Giants, Jumbo, Smackin’, The Red Seed, Wild Dutchman
Buffalo -Style RanchDavid’s
Buffalo WingBigs
CheeseburgerBigs, Wild Dutchman
Cinnamon ChurroSmackin’
Cinnamon ToastChinook
Cheddar DillWild Dutchman
Chile LimeSpitz
Chili LemonThe Red Seed
Cracked PepperBigs, ChaCha, David’s, Giants, Smackin’, Spitz
Dill PickleBigs, Chinook, David’s, Giants, Smackin’, Spitz
Flamin’ Hot LimonSpitz
Frank’s RedHotDavid’s
Garlic ParmesanSmackin’
Hatch ChileChinook
Honey MustardGiants
Jacked PepperJumbo
Jalapeno RanchChinook
KetchupThe Red Seed
No SaltJumbo
Old Bay SeasonedBigs
Parmesan & PepperChinook
PizzaBigs, The Red Seed
Plain Salted (Original)Bigs, ChaCha, Chinook, Dakota Style, David’s, Frito Lay, Giants, Jumbo, Kar’s, Lance, Smackin’, South Forty, Spitz
RanchBigs, Dakota Style, David’s, Frito Lay, Jumbo, Wild Dutchman
Reduced SodiumDavid’s
Salt & PepperGiants
Sea SaltChaCha
Sour Cream & OnionDavid’s
Spicy QuesoDavid’s
Sweet Chili (Spicy)Spitz
Sweet ChipotleJumbo
Sweet & SaltyDavid’s, Giants
Sweet & SpicyDavid’s
Taco Bell – Taco SupremeBigs
Takis FuegoBigs
Tapatio Chile LimonBigs

Best Sunflower Seed Flavor

We are extremely curious about what readers think is the best sunflower seed flavor. Please consider voting for your favorite in the poll. If you don’t see your favorite flavor, please contact us with the name of the flavor and brand that produces so we can add it.

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