Sunflower Butter vs Peanut Butter

sunflower butter vs peanut butter

Sunflower butter or sunflower seed butter has gained popularity over the past decade. This is partly due to the emergence and awareness of peanut allergies. Sunflower butter has become one of the go-to substitutes for peanut butter for people with peanut allergies.

We decided to do a comparison of sunflower butter vs peanut butter since they are often used as alternatives for each other. Many people wonder what the differences are between these two products. Let’s take a look.


You cannot get any simpler ingredients in these two products. Peanut butter can be made with just ground peanuts. Sunflower butter can be made with only ground sunflower seeds. It is not uncommon for both to contain salt for flavor or to contain the other ingredients listed below.

Sunflower Butter: Roasted sunflower seed, salt. Sometimes sugar is added for taste. May also contain ingredients like cane syrup, vitamin E, sunflower oil.p

Peanut Butter: Peanuts, salt. May contain other ingredients like sugar, molasses, and palm oil.


Many people who have never had sunflower seed butter think that it will taste similar peanut butter. You may actually mistake it for peanut butter just by looking at it. However, they taste much different. As indicated above, sunflower butter is made with just sunflower seeds and no peanut butter is mixed into it. If you have ever had sunflower seed kernels before, you can probably get an idea of what the sunflower seeds would taste like in spreadable form. The texture of sunflower seed butter, however, is similar to peanut butter.


As you can see below, there are not major differences in the nutrition between sunflower butter vs peanut butter. Peanut butter has slightly more protein and saturated fat while sunflower butter has more vitamin E.

Sunflower Butter vs Peanut Butter - Nutrition Facts

NutrientSunflower Seed ButterPeanut Butter (Smooth)
Serving Size2 Tablespoons2 Tablespoons
Total Fat17.66 g16.44 g
Saturated Fat1.5 g3.30 g
Trans Fat00
Polyunsaturated Fat3.13 g4 g
Monounsaturated Fat12.49 g8.3 g
Sodium106 mg136 mg
Potassium184 mg179 mg
Carbohydrates7.46 g7.14 g
Fiber1.8 g2 g
Sugar3.37 g3.36 g
Protein5.53 g7.11 g
Vitamin A00
Vitamin E27%14%
Vitamin C0%0
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